The Artist

Artist Statement

I am a fiber artist living and working in Northeast Minneapolis. My work reflects movement and transitions - from curving forms suggesting movement, embellished with earthly stones suggesting timelessness to cocoons reflecting on a time of stillness and inwardness with eventual rejuvenation.

My current body of work is very personal, reflecting on a year of serious health issues, and making my way through it creatively.

Finding a mindful state while creating contributes to focus and surprise in the development of my artwork. I am dancing my way through life again.

Artist Bio

Tressa is a fiber artist working in her studio in her home in Northeast Minneapolis. Her work is contemporary and sculptural. She explores form as well as function. As a fiber artist, she creates sculptural forms utilizing ancient basketry techniques.

She teaches at art centers, national basketry conferences, and similar venues, including guilds and other art related organizations. Tressa's work is seen in Billie Ruth Sudduth's book “Baskets: A Book for Makers and Collectors”, “Fiberarts Design Book 7”, and “500 Baskets”, “All Things Considered VIII”, “All Things Considered X” and others.

Her work is in the permanent collection of the Goldstein Gallery, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN, and private collections.

Her work reflects movement and transitions, from curving forms suggesting ripples in water and shell forms, adornments such as shells transformed into buttons, and collectible trade beads. She most enjoys the challenge of sculptural forms. She has 36 published patterns reflecting her own unique style.

Tressa's work can be seen at the Grand Hand Gallery in Saint Paul. You may contact her directly if you would like more information. Her newly created body of work was presented in a solo exhibition at the Textile Center in March, 2016. She had a solo exhibition at the White Bear Center for the Arts in July, 2017.